Nate Thiessen

Swimming Coach, and Youth Pastor in Training, Student in Prairie Bible College - BAM-YO

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What affect would a Youth Centre have on your community? what would you like to have offered in this Youth Centre?

I have a dream of creating a Youth Hang Out Centre formed much like a leisure centre but with a concert hall, more lounging areas, etc. I would like to hear what you would like to see offered in a Youth Centre ex: Cooking classes, Pregnant teen care, youth counselling, tutoring, baby sitting courses, Fear facing help, etc.

I would love to hear your ideas! Even if it is a far-out dream that you wish you had when you were in middle/jr. High & High School.

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    Aug 31 2011: its a good idea! because then they can connect and support each other. what about guitar lessons , poetry reading with music,inviting some musicians or speakers to sing / talk about a certain topic?
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      Aug 31 2011: Sounds cool, and may works for me.