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Space Exploration or Armageddon for Everyone?

I saw a presentation today that was promoting a technology that would allow the poorest nations (even marginally rich individuals) to put people and satellites into space. (Bringing them back down would be another matter and yes this is a real functioning product)

The point is, should this technology be made available to every nation through the private market?

Keep in mind that this technology would allow the poorest nations in the world to deliver atomic warheads to any point on the globe. Obviously, this technology is already heavily controlled and will remain controlled, but should it be?

Should it be released at all?


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    Aug 27 2011: wow...nuclear warheads and all wmds should have never been developed for any country good or bad...and who is to say what country is worthy of having them. NO COUNTRY IS!
    ABSOLUTE POWER is very dangerous.
    Privatization of putting people in space travel is very important since governments around the world are going broke. We are destroying our own planet with no end in sight...its time to find a new home.
    • Aug 29 2011: I think the main problem comes from people who want all the great technologies such as cheap space travel but they quickly change their minds when the technology is used against them.

      Imagine if any country such as Iraq under Hussein or Libya with the arsenal to launch a large attack against developed country. (even with conventional bombs) A lot of people would not think it was so great that the technology was privatized.

      I'm willing to suffer the consequences of inexpensive and powerful new technologies but some will not after a bit of bad news.

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