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Should couples be banned from adopting children overseas?

Adopting is been around for quite some time. Those who want more kids, those who cant have kids, but want can do adopting. Modern technology has other options but adopting is one of the commonly used. However, after hearing few stories about kids being taken from Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Haiti etc, kids are no necessarily going to a better home. Should the country that gave birth to these babies be allowed to give them up for others? And if yes, is that any way or world balancing it self ( population ratio) ? Or is there nothing to adopting overseas, because a human is a human no matter which ethnicity they are?


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    Aug 26 2011: A human is a human. If an orphan could not survival in his country, why not take him to a better enviroment?
    But if one can afford the kid, there is no reason to abandon him.
    So we need to analyze the problem in two eyes.
    All we are doing is to help the kids.

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