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If we find microbial life on Mars, should we leave it be?

If microbial life were found on Mars, some say that we have no right to infringe upon it in any way; that we should consider Mars an untouchable planet. Life that evolved in the absence of us should be left alone, and respected as a unique evolutionary miracle.


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  • Aug 26 2011: I suppose one possible argument rests on the understanding that human beings like to mess things up. Our history is riddled with just terrible, terrible things we've done to each other and the world around us. However, this is not to say that we are inherently evil creatures; we exhibit much good. Kindness, empathy, love, etc. So I suppose that in the argument of should we or shoudln't we tread on martian soil teeming with life, I believe we should hold a global vote; let the citizens of earth decide collectively. It seems fitting to at least let the citizens of a world decide together their activities on another

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