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What do you believe is the best ability you posess to enrich the world around you?

i have a love for history and philosophy. i try to impart some nugget of awesome info whenever iget the chance, i enjoy sharing my knowledge and prodding others. what is the one thing that has consistently helped you be a better person?


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  • Aug 28 2011: I think that we are all believers because there are some things which overcome us and we cannot response to some phenomenons. What's more, some people are not aware that they are believers, in fact our knowledge is not perfect, from a level we cannot give answers reasonably; that means that we often use our reason for thinking but in some cases we use our heart for understanding. In my opinion, a believer has the humility of knowledge, but the non believer could have the pride of knowledge. That's why some people who call themselves non believers are in reality believers because they believe in themselves, in the power of thinking and knowledge but they aren't aware of.
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      Aug 28 2011: So, if I understand you well you use the word believe for what I myself call inner knowledge.
      Knowledge from facts is ever limited because it is factual certain that this is impossible. But looking inward we find a source of unlimited knowing which is always present on the moment we call for it.
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      Aug 29 2011: so if what you say is true. atheists believe in themselves and religionists give up faith in themselves for faith in a higher power?
      • Aug 29 2011: I think religionists have faith not in a higher power but above all in an absolute power and the best example is God. And the difference between atheists and religionists is that the first are bound to forget humility, intellectual one for instance. In fact, the religionists can understand and accept that there a being who has a better knowledge than him, so he can begin his path for humility without losing his self esteem and confidence of course. To conclude, we have to underline that there are some atheists who could reach humility but it's harder in my opinion.
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          Aug 30 2011: this is why religionists dont have productive experiments. when they smash religions together to find out what we are made of i can respect that. but when they argue to impose theyre way of life on others, than i have an issue. most people would not have religion if the trouble had not been taken to give them one. religions are a by product of fear, and science is the investigation of it. yes bad things happen in science and religion but would we as a species be better off without both?

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