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Why are we surprised that our troops would torture other humans in war?

We take a Rugby team or and American football team and we say "We want to win this game no matter what!" we psych the players up and we let them lose what we don't say is "Be nice to the opposing team"

we take a human being and ask them ti kill for their countries honour and safety and yet we are surprised when we hear of things like 'abu ghraib prison' and we are offended when we see American or British troops torturing and humiliating other human beings. Can we really expect that after dehumanizing our own troops in order that the be effective in combat that they will then be merciful and gentle towards each other in these circumstances?


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  • Feb 26 2011: Because if we knew, we would go mad... Think about all the violence that the state commits while supposedly protecting the public: some 1000 black men died between 1969 and 2001 in police custody in the UK (www.injusticefilm.co.uk/reviews.html), people are rutinely abused in prison (www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2003/dec/11/prisonsandprobation.ukcrime1)... Think of all the violence that is the underbelly of this wonderful capitalist system (80% of all the coltan, which goes into mobile phones, computers, aviation, comes from Congo: women are raped so as to scare the population into leaving the land for mining development; children of Guatemalan coffee plantation workers go hungry so that we can have cheap coffee...) If we really thought of all the violence that goes into our Western way of life we would go mad.... so we go by the fiction that we that enjoy the fruits of capitalism are good and law abiding (we also happen to be white which is convenient in keeping the fiction) and we don't look too deep into how we have what we have...

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