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Public transportation vs Electric cars and other innovations

I am not sure if these two are eligible to be opposite of each other in a debate . But if we had only one chance to use all our budget on a single solution to reduce carbon releases. Which one would have chosen ? Please explain why?

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    Aug 27 2011: I would say full on electric, it's funny how folks say let's go back in time and use horses, as i know what you mean by that is great, but why stop innovation, why not keep innovating but with cleaner technologies? Why live in a city then, go to a jungle somewhere and live like a caveman. Sorry I choose to evolve, and learn, and experience life to it's fullest. :)
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    Aug 25 2011: considering walking is FREEE, i dont see why your in such a hurry to spend your money on a ride on a bus or a car of your own. if you dont spend anything and walk, it does nothing but benefit YOU.
  • Aug 25 2011: Can I choose a horse and buggy? It will stink less than public transportation and go farther than an electric car. I could also charge families for rides and make some money back.

    (Yes, I have been around horses so I know how bad they smell. Public transportation is worse.)
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    Aug 24 2011: I vote for public transportation.
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    Aug 24 2011: In America I believe most would be proponents of more fuel efficient privately owned means. Aside from larger cities, most public transportation is woefully inadequate and even if improved, would not serve the needs of many. While we may use the train or bus to go to a large event where parking is in issue, using public transport in terms of daily commuting is not feasible primarily do to the location of access points. I have a more efficient travel time walking or on a bicycle than trying to travel out of the path to reach a bus or train pickup point, and vice versa on the other end. Another problem is legality, many cities won't even allow you to operate electric vehicles on public highways. Until the lawmakers become more open minded to the possibilities, we will be stuck with our gas guzzling culture.