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What is self discovery?

Does one every truly discover or understand themselves? How do you think other people view you? How do you know who you are?

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    Aug 26 2011: we still have to discover many things about the human mind, therefore we cant truly discover ourselves.
    experience, learning, environment,genetic,my own perspective and skills makes me the person that i am today and the one i will be in the future.
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    Aug 25 2011: Well for me it is kind of two fold answer. The first part being that there are alot of factors outside of myself that have contributed largely to how I would define myself. One example is things I have learned from my parents friends etc. The other is the culture in wich I live. Now, I do not use theses things to define myself but rather they have played an intregal part in my own self disvovery. The other fold is that wich I think is the hardest to describe and that is the essence of each of our own individuality. Im my own experience I have never met someone (including myself) whom I thought was a simple person or somehow lesser evolved. What I mean is that everyone has multiblle levels. Some attribute it to a "soul" others a part of the evolution of the mind. Although in my own opinion I can only assume that a soul is present as it is the basis on wiich I claim to know anyhting about myself. I could go onabout this but I imagine no one would want to read that long but anyhow. There are 3 things that I live by in regards to self discovery 1. It is very possible to decieve myself about the nature of reality. 2. I am not meant to discover myself alone but with the clarity and reference of others service and compassion and finally -. 3. If my own self discovery does not lead to humility but arrogance towards myself and others around me then I may as well be just a talking head or a dictator.
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    Aug 26 2011: Listen to the sound inside of myself, read Qur'an to get inspirations sometimes(i am not a Moslem yet, but my Arabic introduce me a lot of it。。。maybe i will convert, it's depends on what the voice inside of me will say。。。)
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    Aug 25 2011: It is a life-long search to learn the part in me that myself and others dont -long...
  • Aug 28 2011: Themselves = Their self (Their =Mind+Body, Self=Soul/Atma/God)
    Himself = His self (His =Mind+Body, Self=Soul/Atma/God)

    This means, A person discovering his self , or anyone discovering themselves, will stop talking about others as they already attained realization.

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    Aug 25 2011: How others see you tells you nothing about yourself but everything about them, How you see others however tells you a lot about yourself.
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    Aug 24 2011: i know who i am, right now. It wasnt easy, but it takes serious self exploration and the ability to be honest to do so. it takes a mix of things, often passion. even a creative spark mixed with a open mind could lead to something like this. Often its a combo of serious time withy myself, and time with others.

    but all this just leads to the now. and i am sure my self will probably be diffrent in time.

    How you discover all this is up to you.

    It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top.
    Hunter S. Thompson

    rant over/
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    Aug 24 2011: There are at least three versions of me and I don't even have multiple personalities (rather, I don't think I do).

    The me I think I am, the me you think I am, and the me I think that you think I am.

    Who is to say which is right? I "know" friends better than they know themselves.

    I discovered myself while searching for my bliss.

    Sorry for giving such a scatterbrained reply
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    Aug 24 2011: How many question do you ask a day?
    • Aug 24 2011: too many
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        Aug 24 2011: Or too few?
        • Aug 25 2011: thanks if you're not being sarcastic.... what's wrong with asking questions anyway....
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        Aug 27 2011: I should have not said that Lin. Apologies.
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          Aug 27 2011: Rafi I don't think you asked it in poor taste. How can you take back a question anyways?

          Nothing bad has come out of it, I am sure Cheyenne being the compassionate (I am assuming) person she is takes no offense to your question.

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        Aug 27 2011: thanks ,but as long as TED has no issue with so many questions from one id why should others?