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Swimming Coach, and Youth Pastor in Training, Student in Prairie Bible College - BAM-YO

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Do you think Youth need to more spiritually aware for themselves? Why? And how do we do it?

I am finding more and more that Youth are looking for that "quick fix" in life to fill what is described by them (religious or not) that they have a void that they are trying to fill. they are trying to search for a meaning for their life. I believe that the majority of the answer for that comes from a lack of understanding who they are spiritually and where they stand. When asked if any of them have tried Christianity or any other religion 70% said that they have considered it but never wanted to get into it more, either because they were to busy with "quick fixing" or they did not want to follow in their parents spiritual foot prints and they wanted to make it their own (however being distracted by the "quick fix." I want to know what is the TED community view on how to get Youth interested in seeking out spiritual awareness for themselves. What works, What does not work, What do you wish you would have done in your youth to become more self aware?


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    Aug 25 2011: emm...thats a big topic.what we think they need dosent matter too much untile they realise thats what they need . so i would think respect where they are now.

    Or what about engaging them in a debate about self awareness?
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      Aug 26 2011: Amily, looking back at your adolescence what do you wish you could have told yourself? What would you have liked to know to make yourself more self aware back then? or even Today?

      In a simple model from ages 6-12 are building up a cake of all the morals and teachings that their parents and other influential role models pour into them.
      Age 13-15: That cake is smashed and all that they once new lies on the floor in ruin ready to be inspected and challenged

      16-21: You put your cake back together but with your own modifications from challenging the old ideas, morals, ideologies and view points.

      21~death: These years are spent putting more on to the cake and hardening up your cake so that it can not be smashed again.

      that is why it is so important for youth support groups such as Big brother/Big Sister, Church Youth groups, Organized sports, to come up alongside them to help them to be better future leaders who will be more understanding of the world and its ways. Basically a simple formula against future abuse of drugs, alcohol, physical and emotional abuse.
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        Aug 31 2011: Nate I appreciate your heart and passion for young people and i can see the value of being self aware.what i was trying to say is that they need to know why it is important to them.

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