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Which three people given the chance would you bring from the past to impact our earth?

Which THREE people from the past do you think had significant contributions or futuristic ideologies to mankind and society, irrespective of field of practice, culture, creed, appreciated or not, understood or not; that you think will motivate us to greater heights.
Be it the cave-man who discovered fire or Einstein and his theories or Plato and his philosophies or Michael Jackson and his music or... or... or...
Give a brief explanation please.


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  • Feb 27 2011: None. The awareness we have now of heroes in our midst is unprecedented. Celebrate them and not the nostalgia of heroes from prior generations.
    • Feb 27 2011: Your right. Which is almost the total opposite of what I said. My three are all dead and from the past. I guess that is what TED is all about. Two minds, create a third mind and ideas that are just now being born. Thank You Gary
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      Feb 27 2011: I find this to be a false dichotomy. Why is it an "either-or" situation? How does contemplating the wonder and accomplishment of people past diminish those who are now?

      I cannot abide this concept of praise-worthiness or admiration as a finite resource. This arbitrary and small-minded competition for artificially-finite resources is the reason we have the society we do today.
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      Mar 16 2011: Gary, that's true but as always we cannot know where we are going unless we know where we are coming from. Hence the need to appreciate the past and embrace the current as we prepare for the future. What I aimed by this is for us to realize that those who did not conform to current trends and pushed to the limits the technologies and mindsets of their times are now deemed as heroes. e.g. Copernicus hence the need for us to embrace the current persons who ideas that seem out of this world and prepare an environment in the future that would hail such persons.

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