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Which three people given the chance would you bring from the past to impact our earth?

Which THREE people from the past do you think had significant contributions or futuristic ideologies to mankind and society, irrespective of field of practice, culture, creed, appreciated or not, understood or not; that you think will motivate us to greater heights.
Be it the cave-man who discovered fire or Einstein and his theories or Plato and his philosophies or Michael Jackson and his music or... or... or...
Give a brief explanation please.


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  • Feb 26 2011: Buckminster Fuller, Leonardo da Vinci, & Mahatma Gandhi

    Buckminster Fuller and Leonardo da Vinci for their comprehensive perspectives, synergistic design approaches to complex problems, and balance between art & science before reductionism and the over-partitioning of life into extreme specialties reduced our collective ability to understand and communicate with each other about life and our world.

    Mahatma Gandhi, especially during the current exciting but dangerous transformation taking place in the middle east and elsewhere. His combination of perspective, compassion, strategic vision, leadership, and wisdom would be invaluable in helping us to navigate these treacherous waters.

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