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What is nature? What is natural? Is human part of nature? Should all acts of men be considered "natural" therefore be justified?

People often refute ideas and acts of human by accusing it’s against nature. (For example, genetic modification) In your opinion, what is nature? Is human part of this 'nature'? If so, then, may we assume all acts of human behaviors are "natural" and will lead to a “natural” consequence, therefore be justified?


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    Aug 28 2011: Well I don't know if this is a problem. If then we are natural, does that mean we will use the term 'natural process' to justify everything we do? If we do, then that is the problem. If there is one characteristic about human beings that is unique, it is the ability of personal evolution and that is where we have the space for creativity. We can self evaluate. And, therefore whatever the definition of "nature" and how much ever we see of ourselves in it we cannot use it to justify ourselves. We need to self evaluate and figure it out. There are so many natural processes like massive earthquakes, sunstorms, hurricanes and tsunamis we do not excuse from our judgement. We call "nature" cruel and a mystery. If so, that is our commonality with nature as an entity and us as society and individuals. We are cruel and we are a mystery to ourselves. Maybe, let's try and define this personally for each of us and then let's share without making much generalisation. :)

    Lovely discussion!

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