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What is nature? What is natural? Is human part of nature? Should all acts of men be considered "natural" therefore be justified?

People often refute ideas and acts of human by accusing it’s against nature. (For example, genetic modification) In your opinion, what is nature? Is human part of this 'nature'? If so, then, may we assume all acts of human behaviors are "natural" and will lead to a “natural” consequence, therefore be justified?


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    Aug 28 2011: Dear HJ Tan,

    Well I think is a dangerous thing to say all human actions are natural and there for Justified. Justified being the dangerous word. Some Action's are justified in a purely scientific view like rape, however they are certainly not just from a moral standpoint.

    If One where to define human action as natural, then yes all human action is nature. However if you define natural as instinctual behavior as natural then, no not all human actions are natural, and humans do not run entirely on instinct (in fact there's parts of our brain devoted to fighting instinct).

    As it's been said, it's a problem with definitions, so in order to properly answer your question HJ, you'll need to answer the first two questions before you can properly move on to the others.

    I would define Nature as Our biosphere Earth, and human actions as a natural progression. Our actions as a race, and as individuals can be explained in an evolutionary view. Humans are a new force in our word (relatively speaking) And we're causing an upheaval, but so did photosynthesizing micro-organisms some 3 billion years ago. (oxygen is nasty stuff: See oxidization)

    However I'm still shy of using the word Justified for the way some people have been known to misuse it.

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