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What is nature? What is natural? Is human part of nature? Should all acts of men be considered "natural" therefore be justified?

People often refute ideas and acts of human by accusing it’s against nature. (For example, genetic modification) In your opinion, what is nature? Is human part of this 'nature'? If so, then, may we assume all acts of human behaviors are "natural" and will lead to a “natural” consequence, therefore be justified?


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  • Aug 24 2011: I think it's our nature to try to improve our life and our chances of survival, sometimes at the expense of other natural "beings". But we sometimes want to be green, or not cruel to animals. most organisms don't worry about that. Are we being altruistic, or do we just like taking walks in nature?

    If we truly want to be green and uncruel for altruistic reasons as well as personal gain, then i think it's a bit unnatural. If we only want to help the environment to better our chances of survival, or for our pleasure, then it is only natural.

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