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What if college education was free?

Make high school in America extremely difficult like in most countries. This way only the real scholars would continue to University and not waste any one's time or money. The other students should go straight to work.


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    Aug 24 2011: I believe educational loans might be the best solution as in some countries it is happening.

    The student will get his higher education and also learn that nothing is free in the world & will have to strive hard to have good life.
    • Aug 24 2011: Paying back student loans take years.
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        Aug 24 2011: Then are we ready to pay extra taxes? Ofcourse not.
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        Aug 29 2011: Yes student loans maybe the an all-purpose solution to this problem. Not only does it ease financial burdens on students, it also inculcate the value of responsibility and risk-bearing within these young adults when they choose to take up the loan
        However, when put into context of the USA, student loans are simply unworkable. College fees have been sky-rocketing over the years, regardless of the economic situation. Student loans are more of a liability to the students when they graduate, using their paychecks to diligently pay off their exorbitant college fees (that is if they manage to secure a job in this tumultuous economy).

        Perhaps these are the underlying concerns for those "College Conspiracists"

        Unless college fees become more affordable, I stand by my view student loan is an ineffective remedy. More often than not, these student loans which are originally set up to encourage genuine pursuit of knowledge ends up dampening students' passion for learning.

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