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What if college education was free?

Make high school in America extremely difficult like in most countries. This way only the real scholars would continue to University and not waste any one's time or money. The other students should go straight to work.


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    Aug 24 2011: the only problem is that many if not most of our greatest inventions as well as the building of our greatest project are done by those without a classical education but have great skills and talents--that which many of 'educated' lack. Maybe education should be free-I agree. But there should be education for those who are not inclined to be 'conventional' students. I know people like myself found some education very boring-that is why we start our own companies and create our own ideas--things that the conventional student is unable to do merely due to lack of basic life skills, common sense or sense of adventure---or more importantly imagination and courage.
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      Aug 26 2011: Joe I love your comment. Intelligence can be found and experienced in many, many different ways and places. Even though the subject isn't really on topic with this thread, I firmly believe a degree doesnt automatically equate to intelligence and a poor education doesnt mean the opposite.

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