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what is the easiest way to protect an idea? are there any international organistaions that protect ideas for free?

most people dont have access to patent lawyers or even the basic knowledge of patents, but they do have original ideas.......

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    Aug 24 2011: maybe its best if we can't trap our ideas
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    Aug 30 2011: if we are not supposed to share ideas, what else should we share for the better of our societies, consequently a better earth(life)
    I am against the idea of not sharing ideas, giving titles, patent and/or copy rights by anyway
    by this it lets people with money only have/share ideas
    consequently classifying the world into different ranks of nations
    though this is not the case, not now, not in this era
    it's all about classical economic theories been adopted until now
    it's much easier to come up with newer ideas
    not to use obsolete theories

    conclusion, there shouldn't be such thing as protecting ideas, I see
    it's sharing of ideas for free
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    Aug 24 2011: People Power will overcome the traditional structures for generating and protecting wealth.

    Power to the People..
    • Aug 24 2011: power does lie with the people, the only problem is it lies with the very few people that are on top of the pyramid!
  • Aug 30 2011: if you didn't think of it someone later would, your only advantage should be a head start.