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Asian Pop Culture: Controlled Creativity

There are many differences between the Asian Entertainment industry and the United State's. I want to hear your opinion on each one and who has the "better" way.
In Asia one is sought after at an early age and then generated into a certain group and look. The teenager who is linked to an abrasive and lengthy contract has no choice in what he wants to do. He trains for an average of seven years and debuts with his group which may or may not be successful. If not the years and money have been wasted. However if they are a hit the group is under the companies control and the musicians have no say. Each member is talented nonetheless. They can sing, dance, act, and model.
The United States believe that everyone can become a singer if they just follow their dreams. Which means any one can be a singer weather they have talent or not. Nothing is censored and the artist can do as he pleases.
Which is the better way?

  • Aug 24 2011: I think the Asian pop is going through the 'manufactured phase' where the singers are essentially moulded into what the industry thinks will sell. This usually comprises of either doe-eyed, 'kawaii', seemingly barely legal(!) girl groups -or- effeminate / androgynous boy bands / groups. There is a strong emphasis here on dancing and fashion and the songs are kind of generic; all-be-they catchy to those not beset by this kind of stuff day in, day out. Most musical themes revolve around love and relationships.

    American mainstream music, although manufactured in its own right, splits into two categories: rap / hip-hop and 'the rest'.

    The former is the offshoot of historical black oppression in the US and thus generally 'spits' antagonistic subject matter to downright racist / misogynistic content that can hardly be construed as music were it not for the two-tone riffs or the samples they borrow from other 'actual' musical artists.

    The latter sector encompasses a vast array of music, including country, pop, dance, rock et cetera. The themes in these musical genres are as diverse as there are stars in the industry. But generally, the staples like love and relationships feature prominently, with messages more in line with the times and / or of a political nature also being present.

    Which region's musical model is "better"?

    Well, if you take 'A-pop' versus rap / hip-hop, the former, obviously, is the more desirable musical model. Rap mostly broaches violence and other less than savoury topics. It's also dominated by 'artists' who, if it weren't for their record sales, would likely be incarcerated for one crime or another! While A-pop (despite its superficiality) is centred around far more 'wholesome' ditties. But if you were to compare the other, NON-rap music that emanates from the US, then the one-dimensionality of A-pop becomes very apparent.

    It's hard to compare entire industries. Only a genre by genre comparison could yield any reasonable conclusion.
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      Aug 24 2011: good observation on the Asian pop ! copycats everywhere and record company tends to play it safe by "producing" more and more singers or groups that they think will be popular.(and they look the same) Music or Market? businesses are set up to make money.
    • Aug 24 2011: When will K-Pop become mainstream? Personally I do not think that the Korean government will let that happen.
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    Aug 24 2011: Asia, the religions and cultures are more adaptable to change.

    Americans in the majority are not.

    But neither in this generality, are better, better is subjective... I'm looking at religions and cultures, and although belief systems of philosophy are powerful and influential, guns and bombs are more powerful than words. The problem is we both are still producing those and in a not so good reality, country's only make weapons when they think they are going to use them... The reality is, there is no way to tell which is doing better, because while there are still so many nations divided, overall, WE as a race are not doing better.

    Thinking in terms of lines and allegiances, leave you dead defending ideas before people.

    The better way is to focus on humanism as taught by the spiritual leaders of the past, from all corners of the world.
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      Aug 24 2011: Historically I think the Asian cultures (big group) are less adaptable to change. Look at the culture of Japan, "shortest nail gets hammered least" Try to fit in mentality.
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    Aug 24 2011: there all productivity mills to make lables, not the artist, money. the more enginered talent under the lable, more money. its probably the same people in control of the internet over there so no one can get there music for free, which is the way of the west atm.
    • Aug 25 2011: however they can get banned music videos on the internet
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        Aug 25 2011: but thats not on a hardrive and in an mp3 player. and thats not the masses, i am sure, breaking the law to get said videos. i am sure its a minority. in the west EVERYONE has free music. everyone.
        i havent bought music in a bout a month. but i get music everyday.