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What if we could code a virus to tell our skin cells to collect/produce/store iron or another material, so that the skin would be stronger.

I like in the experiment where a virus was injected into mice that doubled muscle mass, what if that virus code was to double the damage resistance of skin, by storing/creating or collecting organic or non-organic particles in the body or through the body by eating, drinking, injecting or other methods as to have these particles in the skin and function as an under skin armor, scraping your knee would be as if you were wearing knee pads. This is very Sci-Fi I know, but I wonder If it could be done???


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  • Aug 31 2011: The human body is a fine tuned machine. Your idea would be impractical. Our skin was developed to be what it is because it is what we need. By changing skin dynamics you would cause more problems than you fix. So okay the skin is stronger, so how do you run faster when you need more energy to bend your knee. How do those particles interfere with healing and growing and wrinkles and skin thickness and sweating and blushing and swimming and hair growth. E.T.C There is no end to the problems that can develop by simply changing one variable.

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