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what according to you is an original idea?

Im sure most people here have had a lot of ideas and a lot of times what seem to be original ideas, are actually not, or are they?
several times i have come up with ideas that get me very excited only to later find out from 'google', that someone out there has already thought of it....

so what constitutes an original idea? and are mine original when infact someone else has thought of it before me?

someone, once said to me, that every idea is taken and most probably they have already started work on it....seems like its true...

is this a case of great minds think alike or at some subconcious level we are all copy-cats?


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  • Sep 14 2011: I struggled with this as well in my graduate level Entrepreneurship: Creativity and Innovation class. We must come up with 5 New Ideas A Day. It seems like every idea I came across in my mind had already been created or conceptualized. As a matter of fact, I came across one of my "original" ideas in a TED Talks video on creativity already in the works. The ideas that I felt were truly original I wasn't even sure if they were possible to create or bring to market. But I think that is where a big barrier exists to creativity and innovation- worrying whether an idea is really brand new, whether it's feasible, or even whether or not it's good at all. An idea is original when it is created in your mind, being original to the rest of the world is irrelevant. It gets your mind working in a way that allows you to generate even more ideas. And if an amazing idea is already taken- take it a step further. How can it be better-what would you change- is the idea in your opinion, flawed and how so?

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