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Do you think East Asia will obtain global dominance by 2015?

Economists say that China will be #1 in GDP by the year 2015. In South Korea and Japan they are already globalizing their pop culture. It has spread to other countries in Europe and America slowly but surely. The big three are even planning a world wide Asian boy band. Fashion designers turn to Asian consumers and designers for the latest trends. I am curious on your predictions for the Eastern world domination.


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  • Aug 26 2011: I don't think china will obtain global dominance because they don't want to. In fact, chinease consider china as the center of the world and they don't want to dominate it. But, they are going to impose themselves economically and become the first but without dominating the world. In fact, they don't have yet the ability to influence other countries and people, And don't forget the current arab uprisings, i think that geostrategically, it will change a lot if arab people manage to make these revolutions their own revolutions and try to mature it.

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