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Do you think East Asia will obtain global dominance by 2015?

Economists say that China will be #1 in GDP by the year 2015. In South Korea and Japan they are already globalizing their pop culture. It has spread to other countries in Europe and America slowly but surely. The big three are even planning a world wide Asian boy band. Fashion designers turn to Asian consumers and designers for the latest trends. I am curious on your predictions for the Eastern world domination.

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  • Aug 26 2011: I don't think china will obtain global dominance because they don't want to. In fact, chinease consider china as the center of the world and they don't want to dominate it. But, they are going to impose themselves economically and become the first but without dominating the world. In fact, they don't have yet the ability to influence other countries and people, And don't forget the current arab uprisings, i think that geostrategically, it will change a lot if arab people manage to make these revolutions their own revolutions and try to mature it.
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    Aug 25 2011: Isn't it time that countries aspired to something other than world domination? I was hoping for better from the wise old cultures of the east especially China which has seldom promoted hegamony. What I am hoping for is leadership from different areas of the globe for a better way of life for more people.
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      Aug 25 2011: can't we say that any sort of world view that has the concept of "good" as opposed to "bad", or "right" as opposed to "wrong" automatically seeks world domination? since it is unethical for other governments to do "bad" to their citizens. the very concept of right behavior already contains aggression ...

      ... except for a few cases. like for example buddhism, in which one can't escape karma, so if i try to save someone from any "bad", i'm not helping that person, but holding him back. and another example is the non-aggression principle, which simply refuses any sort of responsibility other than for your own actions.
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          Aug 25 2011: (when you say "darling" I think you're talking to me) I predict that by the year 2050 South America will be globally dominant. "Made in Paraguay" will be a box office hit. Dictatorship will be all the rage. War will be a sport. Africa will be an amusement park. China will be a mall. The rest of Asia a bizarre. Europe will be a Cirque. North America will be re-named "Google Country" and Canada will be it's official seat of government.

          Seriously, I'm a democratic capitalist, to be sure; but a compassionate one. Capitalism and democracy seem like good bets....The world is in a major state of change. Call it a long, slow, rumbling, shifting global earthquake. When the dust settles and the new world emerges there's no way of predicting what it will be like. You can't predict earthquakes.
        • Aug 25 2011: I feel like 2050 is too far away but by 2025 south america and asia will dominate. I agree with Jim.
        • Aug 25 2011: South America is too divided politically to acquire hegemony. Even if South-American economies are growing quickly, they aren't very strong: Brazil has a GDP lower than the Italian one! US have a GDP that is more than twice the GDP of China. EU's GDP is a bit less than three time China's GDP. And even if you add EU's population and the one of the US, you have a number that is only the half of China's population.
          Even if emergent economies are growing very quickly, I think these states will collapse under their either too rapidly expanding (India) or toolimited (China and the unique-child policy) demography.
          Another fact to be considered is that these economies grow by selling us. They have no inner-market to consume their products. If occidentals economies collapse, theirs will follow. As long as they don't acquire a strong inner market, they can't have a more powerful economy than us.
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          Aug 25 2011: @jim:

          sorry, we all want birdia to be our darling. but this time, she addressed the OP i think. (OP=Original Poster=Cheyenne Lin)
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    Aug 26 2011: Sorry for blasting the pink balloon but It doesn't work that way. Being no1 in GDP does not allow you to dominate global economy. You can shake the system but you cant tear it down. As a fact western cultural assimilation is not only based on money. It has so many other significant phases such as like religion, art, technology etc. Eastern world including India may strengthen their influences on world trade by the year 2015 but it wont have such a great positive effect on ordinary eastern peoples lives.
  • Aug 25 2011: I suggest looking up "Delusions of Grandeur" and "Megalomania".