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If someone is a good person without believing in god only good choices. Does that make them better or worse in the eyes of god?

Because if im a good person by choice and i don't need to read the bible to do so doesn't that mean that im just naturally a good person and as such should i not be able to go to heaven (or any equivalent for the differ religions) or would I still be damned.


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    Aug 25 2011: Which God? Whose God? What myths and tales we create to make us feel righteous. How we bend words to fit our needs to claim truth and power over others to create hate and war. God is Good, God is Great, and my God can kick your God's ass. If you don't believe like I do then the is no place for you here on Earth or in Heaven.

    Come on people...really? Is that the hatred your Gods teach? Then your Heaven could be my Hell.

    Also we prey for God to support us and screw the other guy God created through the miracle of life, wether it be sports, war, or a job interview.

    Good people are good people as good people, and thier good deeds amplify thier worth.

    Also people put good people in a position to do horrid things (Sometimes it takes a good person with a gun to deal with a bad person with a gun).

    Love, hate, love, hate? Man has created so many mixed messages with religion.

    All I know is that I enjoy living for so many reasons and try to enjoy them with other people around me, but don't f*ck with me...AMEN! :-)

    P.S. Why would a person who does not believe even worry...Or do you?

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