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Having children should be like applying for a credit card...

If it were possible to add contraceptives to the water supply, we could prevent births across the globe. If we wanted to have children, we could apply for them, and be means tested for our suitability – our ability to support them. If successful, an anti contraceptive could be made available.

This would surely prevent unwanted births, financial burden and over population. Noone is saying that you can't have children, just that you be able to support them if you do, rather than burdening the state and therefore the tax payer.

I know it's dark territory, but I think we need to explore every avenue for answers to some of these problems before it's too late. Some will inevitably be wrong...


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    Aug 27 2011: It's too easy to get a credit card! Maybe more like getting your drivers license...make all birthcontroll mandatory and free before the age of 20! CONDOMIZE THE WORLD!

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