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How does anything exist?

I want to know everyone's opinion. I mean, isn't the concept of being alive just crazy and strange to anyone? I feel that people don't look around enough and wonder how crazy existence is. Most humans seem to go through life as if they know what they are doing and know exactly what life is. But really, what is anything?


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    Aug 24 2011: Like quantum mechanics....if I observe it, it exists for me. IF I don't observe it, it does not exist for me. That is as far as I can get !!!!!
    • Aug 26 2011: 'if I observe it, it exists for me"
      what about vise versa?
      if you not observe something it not exist?
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        Aug 26 2011: Mr. Ahmadi... If I do not observe something, it does not exist FOR ME, It exists for anyone else that is observing it. By observing I don't limit the definition to eyesight alone. Observation is in the mind not in the eyeball and the blind sometimes observe more than the sighted can see..
        • Aug 26 2011: Dear Helen,
          please think again to my question.

          if you observe you can say it exist
          but if you not observe you can not say it does not exist. you only can say I not observe it. nothing more. and if you say I not observe so it not exist it is not rational even if you say it not exist.
          existing of something not need your believe and it will exist even if you believe it not exist.
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        Aug 26 2011: Dear SR, "if you not observe something it not exist?"

        nope. it may exists and so does flying spaghetti monster, one eyed God, unicorn, phallus God and God with no head.
        • Aug 26 2011: yes they are theoretically possible.
          but there is no evidence or even any claim for existence of them.
          but at least Koran exist as a claim of God.
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        Aug 26 2011: so does bhagavad gita.
        • Aug 26 2011: perhaps they are same with two name.
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        Aug 26 2011: nope not possible. Geeta never ask its followers to lie.
        • Aug 27 2011: "Geeta never ask its followers to lie."
          also God of Koran
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        Aug 26 2011: Sir.....I did not say that object which I do not observe does not exist. Did you notice that I said
        FOR ME. Now if I trust my memory or take the word of another, I can say I believe it exists.
        You have a strong BELIEF that the God of the Koran exists, I do not. The God of Koran does not exist for me. My God is existence.
        • Aug 27 2011: Helen,
          my argument with you was logical not based on belief.
          I said God of Koran for det not for you.
          yes I notices you said FOR ME and what I said was FOR YOU
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        • Aug 27 2011: not ask but allow.
          it is exceptions. 3 exceptions does not change the law.
          each law has exceptions.
          also those exceptions are accepted by any wise human.
          if in a war you be captured with enemy and enemy ask you where is location of your friends and wants to send a missile and kill them all do you say the correct location? because a true God loves his believers and also lie is a great sin a true God should predict such condition in a true religion and allow it. unless that religion is not from true God and is human made. a true religion from true God should be complete with no error. because true God has absolute knowledge of everything.
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          Aug 27 2011: TED is right. If you want to promote your religious beliefs there are many places you can do that. To do so in TED's conversations, given TED's mission, is inappropriate. Lots of people have told you the same thing.

          It's not censorship in the sense that propaganda and religious promotion have no place in the good work TED is doing to enlighten people and facilitate solutions.

          Just as I know my comment here will be removed for the same reason.

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