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How would this world have been if there was only love and happiness...and there did not exist any kind of doubt....and fear??

If you had somebody that you truely love by your side and during that time how would you feel. Would you want the fear and doubt that this world creates on you to be hamperingyour joy and peace.

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    Aug 22 2011: Really really boring.
  • Aug 27 2011: Love and happiness are things we all are expecting and trying to maximize while knowing they will come only when you put much effort to get them. They are members of Law of Attraction, in other words. We search for them since the age of understanding till we die. Optimists can find them easily, i believe.

    Fear and doubt, despite their vastness in us, in opposite manner, at last will grow something good in us only when we try to do something to eliminate them. It is a very challenging and interesting task to eliminate one fear after another and one doubt after another to pursue what we are in desperately need of --- love and happiness.

    So, they all have to exist.
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    Aug 25 2011: Contrast is necessary, both for appreciating the good side of life and for development. If someone trust that everything is good the way it is, fear will vanish and peace becomes natural. What you fear you will attract and the same goes for what you love.
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    Sep 6 2011: fear is necessary, i think it comes with our animal survival instincts, the world doesn't create fear, the world awakens the fears that are sleeping in our selves..
    you ask "How would this world have been if there was only love and happiness?" well it would be somehow a disaster,happiness would lead to conformity ,we wouldn't have the motivation to fight for our goals, because everything would be "happiness" already. Happiness and love are wonderful feelings but is not everything in life, what it counts the most is the effort we put to find happiness and love, the most valuable things we have are the ones we have fight for to obtain. If happiness and love were the only thing in this world, it would lose its value!?
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    Sep 4 2011: I'd be all alone...
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    Aug 25 2011: In that case there wouldn't have been this world............