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Abolish money and create a better world

Money, specifically the lack thereof and the finite amount of it, brings about starvation, homelessness, criminal activity, personal inequality, and health care issues as well as hindering our technological development.

Why do people starve when there is plenty of food to eat? The answer is: it costs too much to get that food to them. Why does the USA have 3.5 million homeless while simultaneously having over 19 million vacant houses? Again, the answer is: they don't have the money nor can they obtain the money to afford a place to stay. Why is it that most non-violent and some violent criminals originate in poor families? Once again, the answer is: they don't have the money to obtain what they need/want so they steal from others, scam others, prostitute themselves, etc. These issues as well as others originate with our usage of money and specifically our thought that everyone receives compensation equivalent to his work.

I am suggesting that we abolish our usage of money and replace it with a society controlled (read: not government controlled) resource management system. In this system, we use the resources we have without restriction to ensure that no one goes hungry or remains homeless while simultaneously advancing our technology into the next era. We have adequate resources to fuel our military and feed our people; money prevents us from doing this. In this system, a person can have everything he needs and all the reasonable material wants he desires so long as he contributes to the society in some positive fashion.

Decreased crime rates, prevention of homelessness and starvation, equal education for all, and health care available to everyone are just a few surface benefits. Is there anyone out there who can see the benefit of this change? Anyone who would like to help make it a reality?


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    Aug 21 2011: We're all so eager to pass the blame to something/someone else. Money is not the problem, human behavior is. What will change when we remove money?
    Instant goodwill for everyone? Not likely.
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      Aug 21 2011: Well you would hope without set values, all becomes equal right.

      Everyone else's stuff will always be shit, and my shit will always be stuff.

      I think to have the abolish money idealism, you have to love what you do, and hate that your friends don't.
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      Sean T

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      Aug 22 2011: The problem you are referring to is greed. Greed is exacerbated by money. I never said or insinuated "instant good will for everyone." That's ludicrous. It would take years for things to see a significant change for the better and generations for everything to hit a running pace. I am simply stating a fact that we have the resources needed to end this social ills and there is only one thing preventing us from doing it.

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