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What do you do on weekends to utilize/enjoy it at its best ?

I was thinking what can be done to utilize/enjoy the weekends at its best. We usually get tired after five working days & get weekends for refreshments, but for some even weekends turns out to be boring & they fail to plan something to release the tiredness.

What activity should/can be done to utilize the weekends at its best ?


    Together with family:
    Visit friends/relatives
    Picnic and drive
    Movies and Music
    Work in Backyard
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    Sep 3 2011: Travel whenever and wherever I can. If I can't I try out new things in the city like a new sport, a new restaurant or a new hobby, etc.
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      Sep 3 2011: Hi Silvia, Yeah I also travel on weekends but not for long distances. I usually come back on the same day. thanks
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        Sep 3 2011: Well, I usually travel for a few days but my country is small and the distances aren't very big. Anyway you can surely find some interesting places to see nearby. For example, we have a mountain - Vitosha, near the city where I live - Sofia, but I always visit more distant places. May be this winter season I'll go to Vitosha more often. :) Whatever you do just try to have fun!
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          Sep 4 2011: I have not been to Bulgaria but my brother has been there in Sofia for a couple of weeks. He always talks of good places there.
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        Sep 13 2011: Let me give you a piece of Bulgaria. This is one of my favourite Bulgarian folk songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRItem5hVvM
        This is a song that my grandma used to sing to me when I was a baby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4AdrmcF3cM

        Finally these are some amazing pics from my country with some music from a contemporary Bulgarian folklore performer: http://www.senseofbulgaria.org/index_real.php

        I do hope you'll enjoy those links. :) Eventually one day you may come to see my country.
  • Aug 21 2011: "A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend."

    I disagree but I'm sure some find the above statement to be true.
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      Aug 22 2011: HI BOB, thanks but what do u do on your weekends ?
      • Aug 22 2011: Sadly the answer to your question has eluded me and leaves no end to my frustrations.

        I normally sleep a significant amount of the weekend away and use the remaining time to maintain my living space. I begin to feel truly restored by the time the week begins again and I am left frustrated that I did not accomplish the creative things I wanted to do.
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          Aug 22 2011: oh I,m sorry but please do not get frustrated that easy. For me what Shokrullah & Emery listed are great. I will try one & see.
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    Aug 21 2011: Sick Shok! I'm all about the same 5 things basically. But less driving and more bike riding. I love my car. I love my drive to work when I go. But there's nothing better than beating a car down mainstreet on your bike.
    get out to eat
    live music or a movie
    work on the bike/ house