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What do you include in your Family Bill of Rights?

Familial Bill Of Rights
1. Love each other unconditionally
2. No harm shall be brought to any family member by a family member
3. Listening shall be honored above all other modalities of communication
4. Honesty with one’s self and each other shall be an ongoing living objective
5. Right to disagree without degradation of love or position
6. Freedom to be one’s self regardless of conformity
7. Respect and support of individuality, fulfillment and personal goals
8. Awareness of being connected and the importance of being in communication
Ammendments welcome ...

  • Aug 21 2011: I agree with the list that you have suggested, I would like to add one important following:

    The rights of too young or too old. Particularly the aging parents. We should do the same as parents did during our childhood.