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Helping ted help everyone help everyone!

How is it possible to enable TED to enable everyone to help TED serve everyone in many simple ways. Can we help enhance the great TED work? There are a few simple ways we would love to help you do this. Who can we speak to? eg http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org & http://www.TRAIDmark.org PLUS Crowdsource video for all E.G. http://www.WEBiversity.org or working with http://www.spot.us http://www.internews.org http://www.oneworldhealth.org http://www.interhealth.org.uk http://www.drumbeat.org
More details and free info at http://whymandesign.posterous.com/helpall-creatively-innovate-selflessly-webive

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    Sep 12 2011: Ed, it looks like you're involved in many projects. Can you give a short summary of the progress and plan of your endeavors? How would you interface it with various TED projects?