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What kind of future sate (after capitalism or next 200-500 years) would you like to see happen?

The current capitalist/democratic state is perhaps dominant at the moment. Capitalism seems to be adopted almost everywhere. But what will come next? The absolute rulers/monarchy system with slaves had been (mostly) replaced with feudalism which has been followed by capitalism. So what would you like to see next? A fairer, more egalitarian state? What technology are we likely to rely on (space-based solar energy? (SBSP)), how will states be run, will hunger/poverty be improved/solved? Will the state be pushing for more scientists and engineers than bankers (perhaps better incentives)?

I like to imagine a cleaner society. SBSP will be dominant, providing energy everywhere. The state is trusted by all as it is run by all in a more democratic way (made easier with improved communication tech). Corruption is difficult as as peoples values no longer depend on how much they can get, but on how can the human race improve and develop. More people are happier because they are better educated and understand the world in which they live. They want to improve technology, produce new art-forms, reach new planets and travel further into space. What do others think should happen? And What should we do today to work towards it?


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  • Sep 1 2011: I recently read a science fiction short story that is freely available on the internet. It is called "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. The story is not necessarily to my taste, but some of its concepts are

    The world has become a "Meritocracy" in which everyone is entitled to food, shelter, education and medical care. Beyond these basics, everything is earned by merit. By doing things that others approve of. It could be that you built a bridge, wrote a book, or were born exceptionally good looking. There is no limit to the "wuffie" you can earn, which can be used to exchange for the luxuries of life, what ever you perceive them to be. I like that idea!

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