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Is it acceptable to 'pollute' another country's culture with external values and scientific theory?

I came to Georgia from the Uk to teach English language in public schools, but found that actually, most of my job is really about social change and bringing my western values and beliefs to the future generations of Georgian children. There are many things I love about Georgian culture, many things I hate, but how do I encourage change in the places where I as an individual want change, but keep the values that I love? Where does my job as an English teacher start and end? I have to equip children to work with foreigners in the future, which means they need a whole new set of social rules on what is acceptable outside of Georgia. I feel powerful to bring about change in such vulnerable people, but how do I know that I am not doing harm or damaging their society, where is the line? Is it even my job to educate them in this way? Is it good to shake up their beliefs and systems or am I just setting out to make them miserable in the long run?


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