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Would you consider coming to my future centre for a working holiday, if so what skills would you offer, how would they impact the children?

I am in the process of raising money for and setting up the first ever community and children's field studies centre in the former Republic of Georgia. I have an idea to invite Guests in Residence, who pay nothing to stay at their own house at the centre (in the mountains of Kazbegi), eat communally, or be self sufficient if they wish, and in return must donate one hour a day tot the centre, either as a skills workshop, giving a lecture, working the land, setting up an outreach clinic, or assisting at the local school. Do you think this is a fair deal for all involved, would you consider taking part hypothetically, what would appeal, or put you off, what kind of class or skill would you offer? How do you think this would be of benefit? Would you be prepared to leave a legacy to the centre, what would this be? How can I involve young disadvantaged people in this project, in a way that will benefit them and help them in their lives? How can I support them more?


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    Aug 21 2011: thanks Ed, your input sounds mazing and definitely along the ethos of the kind of centre I want to set up. Interesting about your views on cob too, its something I would love to build with at some point, but was not sure about doing it in the Georgian climate. Georgians certainly are fond of music and dance, and th polyphonic singing is also something I hope to promote at the centre.

    Thanks so much for your reply.

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