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What are the connections between current events?

I'm invited to a discussion group on how we can build a better world. And the first discussion will be held during next week on "connections" and I would really like other TEDsters perspective on the question we got from the discussion leader today.

"I'm very curious about what connection you see, especially between two, at the first sight, separate events. Are there any connections between the Norway terrorism and the economical crisis in the US? Between hunting wolf and the starvation in Africa? Between the school policies in Sweden and the breakthrough of Twitter?

What large (but maybe hidden) connections can you see?"

So, fellow TED-lovers. What's your perspective to this question?


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    Aug 23 2011: Jonas, my perspective so far is connecting all events to what I call the power of our minds to understand and the power of our hearts to care, playing in the dynamics of ideas or principles like love, hope, trust, freedom, justice and truth.