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Are laws that prohibit religious freedom as dangerous as laws that mandate it?

What role should government play in religion, if any? Are laws that criminalize religion, as, more, or less dangerous to citizens than laws that force religion?
Where is the line between religious, cultural, and national identity?
Should we strive for a world of religious tolerance, or a world without religion?
Is either world possible.
Please include any experiences of religious discrimination, you may have experienced.
If your comments should be your honest opinions, experiences, but I will remove any comment I deem in the spirit of hate rather than debate.


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    Aug 21 2011: I think the USA, for one shouldn't be called America, is a good example of how you can have a set of rules that mean well and a reality that is indifferent. Here in the US the power that goes along with a position in certain government branches outweighs our citizens loyalty to our countries policies.
    • Aug 21 2011: A country denotes a geographic area not a political one. Don't worry I can be a bit of a terminology stickler to. :) I don't exactly understand your point, when it seems to be more of a matter of a citizen majority acting against constitutional policy, rather than any specific governmental body.
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        Aug 21 2011: These people were talking about how a persons religions should just be their own. This country the USA was founded on that and individual liberties. However, now christianity is flexing it's power over the divided remainder of the people through the government.
    • Aug 22 2011: I agree that using the name "America" to refer to the USA is pretty chauvinistic. I suppose that the other 21 North American, Central American and South American nations must get a little miffed. Unless, of course, the bumper stickers that say "God Bless America" are intended to include all 22 American nations.
      • Aug 22 2011: Ok didn't mean anything by refering USA as America its not that big of a deal and detracts from the original debate. When I posted this USA's stance didn't realy even interest me, I was thinking more on France making it illegal for individual's to where the hajib.

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