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Are laws that prohibit religious freedom as dangerous as laws that mandate it?

What role should government play in religion, if any? Are laws that criminalize religion, as, more, or less dangerous to citizens than laws that force religion?
Where is the line between religious, cultural, and national identity?
Should we strive for a world of religious tolerance, or a world without religion?
Is either world possible.
Please include any experiences of religious discrimination, you may have experienced.
If your comments should be your honest opinions, experiences, but I will remove any comment I deem in the spirit of hate rather than debate.


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    Aug 19 2011: I agree with Mark in his remarks below, we should strive for individual liberty. Religion does not play a part in politics or in creating laws because everyone does not have the same faith. I use faith because some don't have a structured religion. Even in America were we have religious freedom, the media and some politicians acts like if you are not christian you are not American, which is the opposite principles the country was founded on. I want people to workship their God on the weekend and come monday do what is decent and good for their commom and not degrade them or alienate them. By my picture you can tell I don't fit into a minority section but it is what I feel is right for people.
    • Aug 19 2011: I have to disagree with your statement that religion does not play a part in American politics, I will just go with the obvious example of gay marriage in America, which is generaly a non issue among secular people and is ussualy fought against with the financing of religous groups.It is also commonly understood that if you don't play the part of a Christian in America you can kiss the chance of holding political office goodbye, not to mention you cannot hold office in 7 states if you are an atheist/nonbeleiver. I agree with you in the idealogical sense but feel the reality is not what we claim it to be. Also to your weekend religion comment I cant agree with more and have often stated "Make religion a hobby"

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