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2011: a year of revolution and change?

We all aware of whats going on around the world may it be discoveries in science and technology or revolution in Libya,Syria,London or India or the change in world economy.
What are your view towards the year 2011?
►is it a positive year or negative?
►a year of revolution?
►a year of invention or innovations or change?
►or it is been a normal year lik most others?
Since there are still 4 months to go you can discuss on the year till August or about the future also?


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    Aug 19 2011: if another 9-11 happens tomorrow we wouldnt be shocked and surprised as the previous one right?

    So nothing is getting better anywhere in 2011.
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      Aug 19 2011: Hi Eroll ....thnx for joining...
      No one know wat will happen tommorrow ....bt lets always hope that such disasters never happen again.
      Let there be peace.
      Let there be happiness.

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