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What's in a name?

Every name has a story to be told!

My name means FOREST so you can guess form its meaning that it has many stories to tell but I don't wanna engage you in that now.
Here we are a big international group not knowng much about each other. So let's get to know and understand each other better by knowing what our names mean.

We think we know until we are surprised one Monday morning that we don't know anything. My mother's name is Diana and I never quite understood why I love the Moon, oaks and animals til I read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diana_%28mythology%29

Share an acronym, a poem, or just may be you have an interesting story related to your name!

What does it mean? Here's the place to tell ->


Closing Statement from Silvia Marinova

SO there it goes! Another conversation finished. Anyway I wanna thank to all the people who shared a bit of themselves here with us and let us get to know them better. There can be so many things in a name that I think it should have taken a longer period of time to ponder on this but still ... learned a lot, loved some of the stories mentioned here and in fact I've proven to myself how important really our name is to us - greatly! Love yourselves and your names. :)

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    Aug 19 2011: Hi Silvia,
    u have put forward an interesting question "what's in name".
    I have simple story behind my name.My father gave me this name in the honor of Great Indian wrestler "Dara Singh".
    My last name "Singh" means 'Lion'...ActuallyI'm a Sikh by religion and male Sikhs write Singh after their name as prescribed in the Sikh religion.
    My first name ' Dara' is a name with more than one origin. This link will give many meanings of 'Dara' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dara

    I'm always inspired by my name and the name "Dara Singh" always gives me guts to be powerfull man like great wrestler Dara Singh and move forward to undertake any task with full strength.

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