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Translating TED.com website into other languages...

I found out that people are struggling to understand very basic stuff on TED.com. TED talks are the main product here..but the struggle is how to get there!

I suggested to a Sudanese young lady, Bio-fuel inventor to apply for TED Fellows program...but she couldn't figure it out because of the language barriers...I profoundly believe that through translating the whole site into other languages, will make a significant change.


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    Feb 17 2011: I believe the current system of translation (translator-reviewer) for talks is good enough that it could be applied to the website. By simply distributing the text files to the existing translators you could get them translated to a large number of languages.

    The problem I see would be dealing with the updates and the different speeds of translations, meaning that you would end up with a fragmentation of hundreds of TED websites all slightly different depending on the language you are reading.

    So the translation of a "core website" that is only sporadically changed might be a solution for this. Anybody has a better idea?

    Or maybe living with a slightly different TED.com depending on your language is acceptable as long as the main items remain unchanged...

    Kudos to Anwar for a great proposal ... you can count on me for the translation into Spanish!

    Go TED!

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