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Translating TED.com website into other languages...

I found out that people are struggling to understand very basic stuff on TED.com. TED talks are the main product here..but the struggle is how to get there!

I suggested to a Sudanese young lady, Bio-fuel inventor to apply for TED Fellows program...but she couldn't figure it out because of the language barriers...I profoundly believe that through translating the whole site into other languages, will make a significant change.


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    Feb 15 2011: I absolutely agree. The subtitling is great, but I cannot send a link to a non-English speaker, because I can't be sure they'll be able to set them on (or to find another talks, interesting topics...)

    I think there already are some pages simulating this (e.g. http://www.tedtochina.com/ ) and I think it would be better done officially via ted.com

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