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What should be the first law of medicine ?

Many wrongly ascribe "Primum non nocere/Do no harm" to the Hippocratic Oath, although it is NOT really found there. Hippocrates apparently did say that, or write that phrase, but it was in his "Epidemics". Should not the First Law of Medicine rather be "Primum bonum facere/First do good" (et secundum non nocere). Would this not summarize the role of modern physicians, nurses, providers and therapists better than a nostrum ("Primum non nocere/Do no harm") that might be interpreted as to justify holding back on any therapy which has side effects. Does not this new First Law of Medicine justify all interventions which might help, and allow more adaptability to the real situation by admitting that 'helping' is the moral role of providers?


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    Aug 18 2011: "For each and every virus there exists a host who is followed by a detonator called drug or medicine."

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