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    Aug 18 2011: He shouldn't be alive but he is.

    I'm astounded and in awe of the incredibly amazing Simon Lewis who had such strength and discipline to recover from such a traumatic brain and body injury.

    He’s eloquent, articulate and a treasure house of knowledge.
    Simon also exudes humbleness and unbelievable o p t i m i s m.

    I’m so grateful he’s alive and that he’s shared his story.
    I can’t wait to read his book.


    Do not read if you dislike spoilers:
    Simon Lewis made the seemingly miraculous recovery from tremendous brain & total body physical injury caused by a horrific car accident. He lost most of his blood, broke major bones including his pelvis, collarbone and all but 2 ribs. He overcame low IQ to become a genius through cognitive training. I'm thoroughly inspired by this humble and brilliant man! He's (too) humble though, for this talk needs to be SPREAD throughout the world. He's talking about healing consciousness challenges that the world is experiencing at large - depression, migraines, headaches, Alzheimer's, stroke and more.

    Mr Lewis is talking about helping each other and tapping more of our human potential!

    Let’s all play a part in this cause.

    Whether its to curb depression and loneliness by connecting, broadening and nurturing our social circles, teaching and giving brain gym to patients recovering from stroke, helping kids get off computer addictions or giving old folks some brain stimulation. I walked past the Alzheimer's Association and saw the old folks in an empty and quiet room. Empty room. Empty mind.

    What is something you can do to help?

    Link: http://www.ted.com/talks/simon_lewis_don_t_take_consciousness_for_granted.html

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