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Should we switch to Geniocracy??

Geniocracy is the " Government of the people ,For the people and by the Genius".
And as Teilhard De Chardin said" Nothing in the Universe can resist a suffieciently large number of linked and organized Intellects".
Now its the time for Scientists,Genius,Intellects and Giants to take a step toward Global development and Peace.

Will geniocracy help to achieve World Unity and Happiness?


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  • Aug 23 2011: Cristphe hi ,

    Yes high level specialist whomw are respected and care for society can do the job. But i belive more in ex business politicians then ex teacher and lawyer and helath care politicans , who are not creators but the best manipulators((( So why not let normal people chiose their un uncle or star they trust and let the etical leaders chose themselevs denpending on how many respect them by their votes ??
    Political parties ar epower houses like banks with for sure double agendas and bookpeeping , so we should forget them , they are second hand car dealers that sell third hand truths with a lot of m edia training and nice smiles ...

    sweet for all people tom play important , but form most problesm normal peopel understand not more thn 5 % of real decison factors , so they just listen to the main moneypulators !! Will u let ur workers in ur comapny decide important things they completely not understand ?

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