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Should we switch to Geniocracy??

Geniocracy is the " Government of the people ,For the people and by the Genius".
And as Teilhard De Chardin said" Nothing in the Universe can resist a suffieciently large number of linked and organized Intellects".
Now its the time for Scientists,Genius,Intellects and Giants to take a step toward Global development and Peace.

Will geniocracy help to achieve World Unity and Happiness?


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  • Aug 23 2011: Gisela hi ,
    If geniusses or politcians will be voted for , u will get an allmost accpetable democrasy. But since 90 % of politicians are controlled by sponsors , famileis running the party for many years , short term voters interest and the party program and the press who only wabnt to see or create shocks to sell and the Governent program for 4 years , only flexible power cameleon foxes (rats) can dance parralel on 6 different songs with 6 different ladies ))

    When all people above 18 chose any person above 18 to be their capable representative whom they trust , the local chaimen of the footbal team , a great singer etc. These votes are counted and these reliable capable leaders vote then the parliament , preferable forgetting all power concentrations in political parties. For economics all political colour economs will chose their own leading Minister Econom they trust and will work with representing their voters interest.

    Danish and Dutch societies are the second best alternatioves since they have the lasty 25 years the most happy in the world people and children. Also they have cool social images eevrywhere and in abortus , legal gay and lesbians marriages , legal softdrugs , euthaniasi and now working 4 days a week Holland created mroe positive change then the another 25 big countrie stogther )))) Its just 5 or 40 years BUT ALL COUNTRIES FOLLOW US )))

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