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Should we switch to Geniocracy??

Geniocracy is the " Government of the people ,For the people and by the Genius".
And as Teilhard De Chardin said" Nothing in the Universe can resist a suffieciently large number of linked and organized Intellects".
Now its the time for Scientists,Genius,Intellects and Giants to take a step toward Global development and Peace.

Will geniocracy help to achieve World Unity and Happiness?


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    Aug 20 2011: I would like all of you to also give suggestion about
    ► what type of administration you would like to have?
    ►What type of changes or advancements you would like to make in Democratic System?
    • Aug 23 2011: I think they should be more specialists in the really complex subjects (how could a deputy make a law on, lets say radio waves, without knowing the technical of it. On the other hand, the people should be more often interrogated to bring common sens in the laws (too often we see criminals having commited a crime, clayming it and escaping trough a loophole in the procedure and starting over again a week later). The problem may be that it could lead to a populist system and give mass media too much importance.
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        Aug 27 2011: I would ammend your idea to say that we should have teams of specialists who are empowered to make decisions by conscensus. Have you ever noticed how every 'expert' has another expert who is diametrically opposed to his opinion? In conscensus we should be able to approximate the best course of action.

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