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Should we switch to Geniocracy??

Geniocracy is the " Government of the people ,For the people and by the Genius".
And as Teilhard De Chardin said" Nothing in the Universe can resist a suffieciently large number of linked and organized Intellects".
Now its the time for Scientists,Genius,Intellects and Giants to take a step toward Global development and Peace.

Will geniocracy help to achieve World Unity and Happiness?


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  • Aug 18 2011: The problem is, who decides what Genius is and how this "network" should run? Is a brilliant orthopedic surgeon capable of administering a nation?

    While I loath the current political polarization in the United States, I do not see how a "Geniocracy" could fix the human tendency to become enamored with particular view points that become policy of an administration.
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      Aug 18 2011: well argued Bob_____
      The basic principle of geniocracy consists measuring Raw Intelligence (which has nothing to with the number of diplomas someone has) of the entire population with the help of sophiscated scientific tests.This done,only those having raw intelligence more than 10% will be elligible to vote and those having mre than 50%( the Genius) will be allowed to govern.
      What is more natural than wishing that those governing indeed be the most intelligent?
      And even if you consider a brilliant orthopedic surgeon with required raw intelligence....that person is more able than others to think,reflect , has imagination to forsee further and can understand immense posibilities of their discoveries. Atleast that surgeon is knowledgeable in his field....So he can handle welll the problems related to public health and wellfare in a better way. In the same way we can think about other fields.
      Thnx for joinig Bob...it would be great to hear more from your part.....
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        Aug 18 2011: I don't know, Dara. There are a lot of very bright people out there with not a wit of common sense.
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          Aug 19 2011: For that the principle of geniocracy ....suggests to sort the people who r really smart and deserve govern the nation.
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          Aug 19 2011: Lynn! you must have been particularly brilliant this week or loaded with common sense because I am out of thumbs up for you! Well said!

          I could see a government with different people given different areas of responsibility based on intellect, character and knowledge. Together they could decide issues that included or encompassed several areas.
      • Aug 19 2011: The main issue I was trying to point out is that intelligence (raw or focused) does not imply supreme abilities in imagination, critical thinking or analysis. Raw intelligence alone does not make a person capable of being a successful leader of people.

        In addition, as far as I know, we do not have a perfect way to determine "raw intelligence." One might point to IQ tests, but those are rather flawed and do not give an accurate measurements.

        Could governments be arranged in such a way to incorporate more specialists and recognized experts? I do believe so.

        But should we accurately or inaccurately gauge the intelligence of people and deny those seen as lacking even though those denied might have something to contribute? I say no.

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