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Given the importance of education for all for a democracy to flourish, how should we fund education?

I have been an educator for over 20 years and currently serve as a president of a local education association. One of the things I did my first year as president was to form a task force of teachers to look at how to transform the public education system. Often during our meetings the question of paying for education came up? How do we create a consistent stream of revenue so we can pay for the best education system we can? Is it a question of political will? Do we just need to except that we will have unequal, inadequate funding as collective funds (taxes) have to fulfill so many needs in out society? What should we do?


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  • Aug 18 2011: Just an idea that you can use if you want. what if you have the students pay for school? For example arts students sell their art or create advertising for the company's. Wood shop can build things to sell or take in orders from the public to be built. This would have many other benefits too. For example if students put a lot for work into the community do you think they will be as quick to vandalize it? Plus it will tech them things like customer service, respect. It may be a stretch but they may have a stronger sense of nationalism. You could also go see the rich for donations. A smarter society builds a strong and stabler economy which is better for them. Hope this helps.

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