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Are there scientific explanations to psychokinesis and telepathy?

Just saw Keith Barry's talk, and I've personally been a part of such events where my own thoughts have been 'read'. I read a lot of evolutionary psychology and everything in the world seems very explainable, but this is one area that has always amazed and confused me.

How do we explain such stuff? Wikipedia states that it has not really worked out in controlled experiments and such phenomena have not been established scientifically. Then are all such exhibitions a mere trick?

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    Sep 8 2011: If some person could actually do telekinesis, and scientists could test the skill and declare it genuine, wouldn't the entire Internet be talking about it? Wouldn't it be on the front page of every newspaper?

    In addition, if such a person liked money, it could make them incredibly rich. If they didn't care for money but loved humanity, they could do all kinds of good with such a skill. (Think of how it would help science, or rescue work, or medicine etc.) If there were people who could really do this, how on earth would they keep it a secret?

    To me, it seems far more likely that there are people who PRETEND to have such skills. They are able to fool lots of people who do not understand the principles of stage magic and deception. But they cannot do it well enough to fool a decent scientist for long.

    Interestingly, many people with fake powers also fool THEMSELVES. For example, lots of people use Ouija boards and think they're actually contacting dead spirits. Water dousers are particularly susceptible to this kind of self-deception. Even after scientific tests have shown their powers are imaginary they continue to believe they're real.
    • Sep 8 2011: Wow, that is an awesome reply totally puts things in perspective. I think we tend to fall into the false negative trap when we lack the micro level explanation. Not so confused anymore!

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