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How important is your ancestry to you?

Do you feel your heritage makes you a unique person? How much of an impact do your ancestors have on your life?

I was looking through some very old family photographs last weekend and I found a photo of my great, great, grandfather. He was posed with his wife and two children in Prussian military uniform; a gentleman of Prussia's great era. I then realized how important my fathers, great and grand, have had an impact on me. And listening to the stories about them, I clearly see their qualities in my brother and I as well. My ancestors clearly lay out the image of the person I am today.

So I am curious, how have your forefathers and ancestors impacted your life?


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  • Aug 18 2011: My ancestry does not directly influence my life but I feel knowing about my family's origins helped me find a better sense of belonging in this world and allowed me to know how I am rooted. I can trace back up to the last 4 generations and my family were farmers (like most of China back then). I feel through that kind of lifestyle, qualities like frugality, not taking things for granted, and love of education/learning (a privilege) are developed and passed on.

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