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Can we really identify if someone is crazy or not?

Being crazy actually has no boundary at all. An "eccentric" behavior condemned in one culture may be highly welcomed in another. How to define "norm"? And how to define "craziness"? A person who transcends the limitation of the environment he or she lives in may be called "crazy". Like 1000 years ago no one ever will think about using cell phone to connect with others. So is it necessary for us to explore the world of those so called crazy people ? What may be the potential benefit and what may be the potential harm?


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  • Aug 17 2011: I believe there are different levels of crazy. One may be able to say they're crazy about something or someone. Its when crazy is detrimental or dangerous that it becomes a concern. Beyond that, the idea of crazy is unlimited. Each one of us has our own version of crazy, just like artists and photographers have their version of the night sky. Or a baker has their own version of any specific pie, a cook his chili or a designer his building. So, crazy is truly very relative to the perceived, and not necessarily the source. Then again maybe I am crazy.

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